Signs Of Rabies In Your Dog And What You Can Do About It

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You've probably heard of rabies from movies such as Cujo, or heard about animals going rabid, but do you have any idea what it may actually look like if your dog had gotten rabies? If you've missed a vaccine, or you never get your dog vaccinated against rabies, your dog could be exposed to rabies and you may not know what the signs are. You should familiarize yourself with the signs of rabies just in case so you can get your dog the help he needs. Read on for a few signs of rabies and what you can do about it.

Loss Of Appetite

If you notice your dog isn't eating well or isn't able to swallow his food well, it could be a sign of rabies. Your dog may also have other signs in addition to the loss of appetite and inability to swallow, including frothing at the mouth. If you notice any of these signs or the combination of these signs, it's best to take your dog to the veterinarian right away to be checked to rule out rabies or anything else.


Seizures can be a sign of rabies. If your dog is having seizures, call the veterinarian right away to report the seizure. If you know your dog was in a fight with another dog or was bitten by another dog, be sure to report this to the veterinarian as well. Depending on the type of rabies your dog has, your dog may show different signs. Seizures are usually associated with Paralytic rabies. With this type of rabies, your dog may also show a lack of coordination or have difficulty walking.

Aggressive Behavior

Aggressive behavior may also be a sign of rabies. If your dog is not usually aggressive and is suddenly showing signs of aggression, such as barking, snapping, biting or growling and normally doesn't do these things, take your dog to the veterinarian to be on the safe side.

If your dog was around another animal, was bitten or scratched by that animal, and is showing any of the signs above, you should take your dog to the veterinarian or to the animal hospital to be examined and treated. If your dog does have rabies, he needs to be treated right away. Rabies, if not treated, could result in death. Be sure to vaccinate your dog with the rabies vaccine to protect your dog. This vaccination is usually given each month, or every three months depending on the vaccine given. Contact Norwin Veterinary Hospital to learn more.

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