Watch The Flames: Steps To Take If Your Dog Suffers Burns This Summer

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Now that summer is here, you and your family may be spending a lot of time outdoors. Some of that time might include campfires and bonfires. You know to practice fire safety with children. But, you might not realize that dogs also need to be protected against fire danger. Unfortunately, if your dog isn't kept under control around the fire, they can suffer serious injuries. If your dog suffers burns this summer, you need to take the steps described below. 

Limit Movement

If your dog suffers burns, the first thing you need to do is limit the movement. Your dog may be difficult to control after a burn. They may even try to become aggressive. You'll need to limit their movement for a couple of reasons. First, you want to make sure they don't bite while you administer first aid. Second, you want to reduce their risk for further injury. The best way to limit movement is to gently wrap a towel around your dog. That way, you can hold them while you assess their injuries. 

Apply Cool Compresses

Once you've limited your dog's movements, you'll want to apply cool compresses to the burns. The cool compresses will help bring down the intensity of the burn. Once you've applied cool compresses, switch to cool packs. Don't place the packs directly on the burn, though. The cold could be too much for your dog to handle. Instead, wrap the pack in a lightweight cloth and then place  it on the burn. Keep in place for about 10-minutes. 

Assess the Injury

After you've cooled the burn down, you'll want to assess the injury. If the skin is blistered, and you can see an open wound, you'll need to seek immediate medical care for your dog. If neither of those situations exist, you can move onto the next step of wound care. Apply moist, clean bandages to the wound to help keep the wound protected. 

Care for Shock

If your dog has been burned, it may be in shock. Once you've treated the wound, you'll need to make sure that your dog is kept warm and calm. This is to protect it from the symptoms of shock. Wrap your dog in a warm blanket. Be sure to keep your dog wrapped up until you can get to the vet. 

If your dog is burned this summer, use the tips described here to provide emergency first aid. In serious cases, your dog may need to be treated at an ER veterinary clinic. Always consult with a vet if your dog has been seriously injured.

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