FAQ About Having Your Dog Stay Overnight At The Vet's Office

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When your dog becomes seriously ill or injured, your vet may want to keep them overnight at the animal hospital. This is simply the easiest way to make sure they are observed and can get immediate vet care if they need it. Especially if this is the first time your dog is staying overnight, you are bound to have a few questions, such as the following.

Where will the dog stay?

This depends on the specific animal hospital's setup and on the condition that is ailing your dog. If your dog needs to be connected to an IV or requires more consistent medical care, they will probably stay in a more hospital-like area. If they are in better shape and really just need to be checked on by the vet now and then, they may stay in more of a kennel. You can ask to see the space where your dog will stay if this will make you more comfortable.

Can you leave anything with your dog?

It's common for dog owners to leave bedding, toys, and even food bowls with their dogs. The presence of these items often makes dogs feel more comfortable during their stay in the animal hospital. If your dog has a very serious injury that the vet is worried about becoming infected, however, they may ask that you do not leave these items as they could introduce infectious bacteria.

How much will the overnight stay cost?

Prices vary widely depending on your region and the care your pet needs during their stay. Most vets charge somewhere in the neighborhood of $600-1500 for overnight stays, depending on the treatment you dog needs during their stay.

Who will actually care for your dog?

Most animal hospitals have veterinary technicians and assistants who care for the animals who stay overnight. In larger hospitals, there may be one vet on staff. In smaller hospitals, a tech may provide most of the supervision and care, and they may notify a vet if anything comes up requiring more intensive care.

If you have any additional questions about your pet's stay in an animal hospital, feel free to ask the vet. They understand that leaving your dog overnight can be a little nerve-wracking and should be happy to address any of your concerns. Sometimes, an overnight stay can be the best thing for your pet.

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