Preparing To Board Your Dog For The First Time

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When you are needing to travel for an extended period of time, you may find that boarding your dog can be one of the best options for keeping your animal safe while you are away from your home. For many pet owners, it can be easy to feel somewhat stressed at the thought of leaving their animal for an extended period of time, but there are several strategies that will help to make boarding their animal a much more enjoyable experience.

Update Your Pet's Vaccinations Ahead Of Time

Boarding facilities will require that all of the animals that they house be up to date on their vaccinations. Unfortunately, pet owners that have allowed their pet to fall behind in their vaccinations may be surprised by the amount of time that is needed to get the pet caught back up on their vaccinations. For example, there are some vaccines that will have to be administered in several stages that may be several weeks apart. As a result of this reality, you should arrange for your pet's vaccines as soon as possible to avoid finding yourself unable to use the boarding service due to your pet's vaccines being incomplete.

Appreciate The Benefits Of Opting For Larger Boarding Units

When you are boarding your dog, you will be given some choice in the type of kennel where the dog is kept. While the smaller units will be more affordable, the animal will have much less room, and this can be problematic for dogs that have high energy levels. Many boarding facilities will give you the option of renting a dog run for your pet. These are much longer than traditional kennels, and it will give the dog substantially more room for activity between walks and playtime. These units will be somewhat more expensive, but the added benefits can be immense for keeping your dog happy in the strange new environment.

Understand What You Should Bring With Your Dog

Each boarding facility will have its own recommended items that you should bring with your dog, and it can be worth the effort to check with these services ahead of time. For example, some of these boarding facilities will recommend bringing at least a small amount of your dog's normal food as a sudden dietary change can upset your pet's digestive system. Additionally, it may be worth it to send a few of your dog's favorite toys, as this can be reassuring while the dog adjusts to the new environment.

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