Three Symptoms That Let You Know Your Dog Needs Emergency Care

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Dogs are curious creatures by nature, and this can get them into trouble every now and then. You can't be monitoring your precious hound 24/7 and so you may not realize that they actually have encountered a quite painful or dangerous situation. In those cases, the only way to be sure of your dog's condition is to identify their symptoms as quickly as possible. If you see your dog displaying any of the following quite painful symptoms, then you should not wait for the regular vet to open tomorrow. Instead, you should take them to your closest emergency vet for immediate care. 

Blood In Urine Or Stool

Whenever your dog bleeds, it should be a noteworthy event because their exterior skin is quite tough and protected by their fur. However, when you notice blood in their urine or stool, this is a much more serious event that needs to be rectified as soon as possible. Internal bleeding that causes the blood in their urine or stool can come from a number of sources, whether that is a traumatic injury or the presence of cancerous growths. Whatever the case may be, it is not good, and your dog needs to be in the hands of a professional vet quickly.

Excessive Vomiting 

Not being able to keep any food down is a worrying symptom that an organ, generally the stomach but not always, is going through serious changes. Whether that is just a quite violent illness that will subside with proper medication and observation, or it is something more serious like the stomach itself being ruptured, your dog should be monitored at all times until this passes. An emergency vet has the facilities to diagnose your sick dog and then provide the care they need for whatever outcome that they uncover.

Limps And Aversion To Physical Contact

Broken bones are hard for your dog to communicate to you, so you have to judge their current behavior against what they are usually like to see if anything has changed. If they are limping quite noticeably, or they do not let you pet them as you generally do, then there is a good chance something is very sore for them. While not necessarily a broken bone, they are at least in some serious discomfort that could do with some pain medication from an emergency vet. Your dog can't communicate verbally, so make sure that you become good at reading their body language and you will have a much better relationship. 

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