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From Vaccines to Viruses A vet is someone who is there for your pet from their early years until their last years. When your pet is young, a vet can give them the vaccines they need for disease prevention as they become acquainted with the world. As your pet ages, your vet can monitor them for the conditions that often come with old age, such as arthritis and cancer. Vets care about their patients. We hope you will learn more about this care as you browse the content on this blog. We do our best to offer well-researched and helpful information for pet owners like you.

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Simple Tips For Treating Your Dog's Injured Paw Pads

Your dog's paw pads are made from a combination of very thick skin, connective tissue, and fat. This combination allows the pads to withstand almost all conditions, both

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3 Signs That Can Suggest Your Dog Has a Concussion

Most people view concussions as a health issue that affects humans. While it's certainly true that humans suffer from concussions as a result of sports injuries, car acci

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Choosing A Vet Clinic: 3 Key Things To Consider

There are a lot of excellent vets and vet clinics out there. So, how do you go about choosing one that is right for your needs? People often read reviews, talk to past cu

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Why Is Your Cat Losing Its Fur?

Most cats have big, beautiful fur coats, so it can be worrisome as a pet owner to notice that your cat's mane is becoming less luxurious. If you're noticing that your cat