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Three Symptoms That Let You Know Your Dog Needs Emergency Care

Dogs are curious creatures by nature, and this can get them into trouble every now and then. You can't be monitoring your precious hound 24/7 and so you may not realize t

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Dog Care: Why Your Four-Legged Friend Needs Daily Walking

Your dog needs to meet their daily exercise needs regardless of the time of the year. Dogs generally like to exercise, and lack of exercise can make them very grumpy and

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Vet Procedures That Might Help Your Brachycephalic Dog

Brachycephalic dogs, such as pugs and bulldogs, can struggle with respiratory or eating problems due to their short and often malformed airways. Daily practices like keep

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Signs Your Dog Should See A Veterinary Dental Specialist

Dogs do not typically see the dentist for annual cleanings and checkup appointments like humans do. However, there are veterinary dentists. They go through vet school jus

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So, Your Cat Is A Cryptorchid

Of all the things the vet can tell you about your kitten, "he's a cryptorchid" has to be among the most confusing. As a pet owner, you may never have heard this word befo

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Signs Your Dog Needs To See The Vet About Potential Tooth Problems

Dogs, like humans, only have one set of adult teeth. And also like humans, they are prone to various dental ailments, especially as they grow older. Vets can help by clea